Sa Gavina Gardens

Llucmajor, España

Jardines de Sa Gavina
Jardines de Sa Gavina

Jardines de Sa Gavina is a tourist residential complex located on two lots in Puig de Ros in the municipal district of Llucmajor on the Balearic Islands. Given the property’s marketing strategy, the design of the project was aimed at the German and British second home market and, to a lesser extent, the domestic first home market.

The homes, in accordance with these criteria, are larger than usual for tourist homes. The planning released all the central space in order to configure a large garden with common recreational areas, with the building on the perimeter.

Material elements and colours from the island’s traditional architecture have been used, such as Marés stone, wooden pediments, tiled roofs and earth coloured mortar.

The work was managed in collaboration with the firm Gómez – Sanabria Arquitectos.

Completion date:2003
Area:51.732 m²
Total Budget:19.700.000 €
Client:Urbalia Inmuebles, S.L.
Typology: Residential
Services: Architecture
Collaborators:Gómez-Sanabria Arquitectos
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